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Benson Jog A Thon 2019
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Dr. Jon Tuin, principal at Tustin High School, will be retiring from the Tustin Unified School District at the end of the school year, effective June 30, 2023.  Dr. Tuin has served in public education for more than 39 years.  He joined the Tustin Unified School District in 2017 as principal of Tustin High School.

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Featured Video

We celebrate literacy by highlighting the many ways TUSD supports students' development as strong readers and writers. At Benson, scholars build reading comprehension through both strong decoding skills and language comprehension. Middle school students at Utt and Orchard Hills are diving deeper, discovering an author's intended meaning across a multitude of mediums. And, at THS, students in AP Lang are developing skills that benefit them not only in their classes now, but well into the future. Enjoy a review of another great week in TUSD!