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Tustin Unified School District

Focus Goals based on the results of our Comprehensive Needs Assessment are: Access, Engagement, and Continuity of Instruction. To learn more about our curriculum, use the link on the right sidebar to access the Curriculum tab.

Identified Needs: 

Pupil Outcomes - All students will demonstrate mastery of grade-level content and will meet the College and Career Indicator upon graduation.  

Engagement - All students will demonstrate improved school engagement through increased attendance rates, parental participation, and demonstration of appropriate behaviors.  

Conditions of Learning - All students will participate in a broad course of study through standards-aligned curriculum taught by highly qualified teachers in safe conditions of learning.

Identified Goals: 

  • Continuity of Instruction/Conditions of Learning: Using a variety of instructional strategies, resources, and technologies to meet students' diverse learning needs:
    • Teachers will use Schoology to clearly convey information and expectations to students and families
    • As grade level teams, teachers will continually meet to discuss appropriate ways of teaching and assessing students both online and in-person.
  • Student Engagement: Creating physical or virtual learning environments that promote student learning, reflect diversity, and encourage constructive and productive interactions among students:
    • Teachers will become proficient in concurrent teaching both students at home and in the classroom.
    • Teachers will continue to use Google Meet to engage our online learners with in-person learners.
  • Access to Appropriate Curriculum/Student Outcomes: Using and adapting resources, technologies, and standards-aligned instructional materials to make subject matter accessible to all students:
    • Using their professional experience, teachers will provide a curriculum which is appropriate to meet the academic needs of our students. 
    • Teachers will enhance and/or supplement FLVS with curriculum that is most appropriate to the accelerated and remedial learning needs of my students.