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A Message about Benson's Library...

The collection of books in any library is quite diverse. This ensures that these are reading opportunities for everyone. At our school, this means there are books for children in TK through fifth grade. Providing material for students of varying ages results is the reality that not every book is appropriate reading for some children or even some families. We recommend that parents monitor the books their students are bringing home to make sure the content is within their personal standards.

A great resource for determining whether a book is right for your child is, Common Sense Media ( Common Sense Media rates books (as well as Movie, television, music and video games) on several factors included within content and message guidelines. The organization provides age-based reviews and even allows parents and children a forum for providing their personal reviews of media.

For questions about the Benson Library, please contact our Librarian/Media technician, Mrs. Carter.

See you in the Library!

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